FAQ’s for AAFR

Insurance Questions:

Have you got insurance cover?

Our public liability cover is up to 20 Million and transit cover is up to 50K.

Do I need an insurance cover and where can I purchase insurance cover from?

We refer our clients to carts insurance by visitingcarts insurance website you can request a quote online, to get an insurance cover today click here https://www.removalsinsurance.com.au


Do you have a surcharge for mastercard/visa?

No we don’t have any surcharge for Visa or Master card.

Do you accept Amex?

Yes we do however there is a 2.2% Surcharge on all transactions made with an Amex Card.

What happens when the removalists take a break? Who pays for them?

On services charged by the hour lunch or meal breaks will not be added to the hours only Rest breaks (Crib Breaks) (Tea Breaks) will be included.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I book?

If it’s an hourly service the minimum charge of the services booked will have to be paid upfront and for all fixed charges a full payment is required.

How do I pay for your services, and when do I need to pay by?

If it is an hourly rate service will be charged at the end of the move if it is a fixed price payment must be paid 24 hours before the booking date.


How much notice do we need to book a move?

Generally, 3-5days notice to avoid missing out on the move date of your choice.

How much notice do we need to give to be able to cancel/change a move date – will I be charged?

If you cancel within 3 or more business days – you will not be charged. If you cancel within 48hrs or less you must pay the minimum 2hrs charge.

What happens if my settlement doesn’t go through?

If your settlement does not go through, please contact our office as soon as possible. We can store your items overnight at our storage facility in the truck and deliver the next day. Please note; a fee may apply.

The move itself:

How long will it take to complete my move?

No two moves are the same. We advise that you get in contact with our experienced sales team to provide a detailed inventory, so that they can advise you of an approximate time frame for your move.

What time will you arrive?

Arrival times are subject to the individual customer. Generally, we can arrive at any time between 7.00am-9.30am in the morning. Afternoon moves are also available upon request and will commence between 12.00pm & 3.00pm.

Do I need to empty my clothes draws, or can I leave them in there?

Furniture is not designed to be relocated when other items inside the draws also insurance claims will be unsuccessful if the draws are not empty.

Do I have to be at my house when the removalists are moving my things?

Yes. We advise that you are present when the removalists are moving your items.

Does my fridge/freezer have to be emptied? If so how long before my move?

We ask that ALL fridges and freezers are empty for the move.

Can I pack food into boxes that will be going into the truck?

If your move is scheduled for a next day delivery, we advise that you do not put any boxes with food inside them. If your move is the same day delivery only closed food packages inside boxes are allowed in the truck.

Can you move any liquid items?

We will not take any items that are flammable. Such as liquid detergents. Also, we will not accept any items that contain fuel or gas.

Will you take my plants?

If you’re goods are coming into storage, we advise that you leave plants and any other items that require care out of storage. If you’re whole move is taking place in one day – we will accept plants.

Can you move expensive antique furniture?

Yes. Our crew are experienced in moving antique furniture. We ask that you please advise which items are antique whilst providing an inventory to our sales team.

What happens if I realise I have more furniture to add to my inventory?

Give our sales team a call to update your inventory – they will be happy to update and change anything necessary to ensure your move still goes as planned.

How do I know the truck will be big enough to fit all of my things? What happens if it doesn’t all fit.

Our sales representatives are trained to ensure they get a detailed inventory from you. We always encourage all of our customers to be as accurate as possible with their inventories so that we can assign the correct crews and truck for your move.

Can I ask your removalists to take off their shoes?

No. Due to OH&S the crew are not permitted to work without shoes. If your concern is regarding new floor, please advise the office team upon booking and that will ensure additional padded blankets are taken to cover your floors.

Do you do packing or just removals? – Can you pack and unpack my whole house for me?

We provide professional packing/unpacking services for both local, Country & Interstate services.

Do you sell packing materials?

Yes. We do sell packing materials. All of our packing materials used are of the highest quality.

Can you provide storage if I don’t have a house yet?

Yes. We have many storage solutions for your move.

Where will my furniture be stored?

High secured storage facility in Campbellfield and other recommended facilities in other locations.

How much does the storage cost? And how is it paid?

Storage prices are quoted based on the cubic meters of any given move. Storage is paid by the month, either invoiced or direct debit.

Can you send someone to my house to give me a quote?

Yes. We can arrange for an estimator to come out to you and assess your property and the contents within it.

Do you move interstate as well?

We are a Nationwide Moving service. This means we cover all of Melbourne, Victoria & Australia.

How much notice do you need for an interstate move?

To avoid missing out on the moving date of your choice for your interstate move – we advise that you give us a 2 week notice minimum.

How long does it take for my furniture to be delivered interstate?

Interstate furniture delivery can take anywhere between 2 to 21 working days – depending on where your goods are being delivered.