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AA Furniture Removals restores the moving experience and makes removals in Melbourne worthwhile and hassle-free. We are more than a furniture removal company. We create a new and remarkable experience for our clients every time they choose us as a partner for their home or commercial moving services.
With many years of experience in the industry, we always have our clients in mind. We started in the lighting and production unit of transportation and we offer unmatched delivery services including installation and dismantling. While we grew our business with absolute customer satisfaction in mind, we have an increasing demand from clients looking for moving services that comprises of dismantling and installation.

The demand for moving services have increased due to the growth of the real estate development in Australia.
Removalists services in Melbourne were on the high side while we were operating with just a truck, in order to meet up with demands and satisfy our clients, we began investing in more trucks, vehicles, and removalist equipment to restore the furniture and interstate removals experience of our clients.
We did not only focus on improving our moving equipment and trucks, we also partner with reputable and industry leading moving companies in Melbourne. This has helped us to gather a wealth of experience for the industry specs and standards.

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Nationwide Removalists

AA Furniture Removals is known for providing exceptional customer service, quality interstate removals and local moving services for clients. We stand out as one of the leading removalists company in Melbourne with a large fleet of vehicles. All of our utes, vans and trucks that are used for moving services have the capacity to move large furniture, they range from 7m3 to around 100m3. We understand that not every fleet is ideal for high lifting range, over 70% of our fleet is fitted with hydraulic tailgate lift which can lift up to 3t.

At AA Furniture Removals, we have Shipping Container Trucks which are mainly used for interstate removals and also used for storage services. We understand that some projects are difficult and without the right team, vehicles, and removalists equipment in place, it may not be possible to execute such projects. We have team of professionals and best equipment to assist all our clients in their moving needs. Our crane trucks allow us to clear the road for any of our clients that are having difficulties in accessing their properties.

With our years of experience as one of the leading removalist in Melbourne, we have learned that, sometimes clients need more than just furniture removals or moving service providers. When an experienced and professional company with dedication towards customer satisfaction claims to be the best moving services company then pet, car and pallet transport should not be excluded in their services. We are your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. Most times, our clients need to move their cars and pets from one state to another. This is the reason why our interstate removals service extends to cover this particular service. When we agree to handle your project, we will do it like our own since we have a philosophy of leaving customers with an amazing experience.

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We are a reliable and goal-oriented Moving Company that creates no room for error.

While some moving companies know how to handle projects with the right tools, others don’t have the latest removals equipment and vehicles to take on certain projects. At AA Furniture Removals, we believe that investing in right moving equipment will help to offer a wide range of quality moving services. AA Furniture Removals have the latest equipment to deliver efficient service and some of our equipment includes Pool Table Trolleys to Duct lift, Heavy item trolleys, and piano trolleys.

In-line with our commitment to enhancing the moving experience for clients and all who needs moving services in Melbourne, we strive to keep every motor vehicle operator and removalists updated with the latest industry standards and to cut down the risk and damages that may arise during project execution. Our training programs are second to none and are strictly designed for our clients and movers. Our training programs are second to none and are strictly designed for the good of clients and movers.

Virtually every business has a way of inculcating and incorporating the benefits of technology, this is not far from what we practice at AA Furniture Removals. For many years, we have been investing a large number of our operational hours into designing the ideal system to manage our tasks and efficient tracking systems. This will help us to monitor every activity and uphold our promise for safety. When our professional removalists and drivers get on duty, all job activities, processes, and charges are completely tracked by GPS to ensure all our daily tasks are handled with care and to avoid any issue.

Our lists of happy and satisfied clients speak for our professionalism, experience, and expertise in the industry.

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Very friendly and helpful staff during booking and on the day. Highly recommend.

Renee Little

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